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Top 37+ Funny Trucker Memes For a Good Laugh

Brian Smith
May 16, 2024
15 Minutes
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Top 37+ Funny Trucker Memes For a Good Laugh
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Trucking isn't a job; it's a way of life that brings its set of unique challenges, victories and even moments of humor. For those who spend their days (and nights) navigating the highways in trucks that tower over other vehicles on the road, the world takes on a different perspective. The lengthy hours, never ending roads, tight schedules and solitude can foster a sense of camaraderie among truckers often expressed through shared jokes and laughter. This humor isn't simply for amusement; it mirrors the essence of the trucking lifestyle - capturing its pleasures, frustrations and oddities in this essential, yet overlooked, profession.

Gotta Love that Trucking Humor

In the realm of trucking, a good laugh can be just as important as a tank of gas or an open stretch of road. It serves as the spark that lifts spirits high and keeps the journey smooth. To truly grasp the humor found in trucker memes, it requires an insider's understanding – familiarity with the experiences and language that shape the trucking community. These memes serve as a means for truckers to briefly escape from the isolation inside their cabs. They create a virtual gathering spot where tales are swapped and friendships are forged one meme at a time.

Understanding the significance of this connection and the importance of a chuckle, in the midst of long travels we've searched online to find some of the most amusing trucker memes available. Whether you're a road warrior or simply admire the essential role truckers play in keeping our society running - these memes provide a peek into the lighter side of things. From jokes about finding that perfect parking spot to the ongoing battle with logbooks, each meme offers a glimpse into the world of truckers. Get ready for a journey as vast as the open road itself. Let these memes serve as a reminder that sometimes laughter truly is the best companion during those long hauls.

Almost Better Than Coffee...

Sometimes even with the right footwear and full awareness, missteps will happen. Holding on to that handrail with a tight grip is the best way to avoid those unwanted acrobatics - and ending up reminded of truck driver memes like this one. Another pointer to avoid a slip is to keep your cab steps well-maintained and ensuring they have enough grip. Grip tape works well for cab steps, just make sure you use a wax and grease removal or most tapes won't stick!

My Truck Really Knows How to Listen

An awkward jack-knife position if we ever saw one! First rule of no jack-knifing is avoid slamming on the brakes when approaching a turn! Be mindful of your trailer's swing radius and make sure you have ample space to maneuver. We're still super curious how this trucker got out of this position. Don't end up in the long list of semi-truck memes because of an unfortunate jack-knife!

DOT Inspection Hack

A funny yet not-so-funny truck driver meme. No one would actually do this, but imagine if you could solve all your problems with a sharpie! Preparation and safety are paramount, ensure you always conduct a lawful CDL pre-trip inspection checklist and make sure you and others always get home in one piece.

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

Penny pinching trucks are a real thing - and sometimes this can really overwhelm your budget. Keep in mind, efficiency and a well-tuned truck is everything. If you find yourself spending way too much - it may be time for a new truck, but consult your mechanic before making any rash decisions.

Not Feeling My Age...

This truck driver meme really hits home. It's easy to feel like you aged a decade on a single long-haul, that's why managing stress is so important. Schedule regular breaks, stay connected with those that love you at home, and maybe even pick up a hobby that can be enjoyed on the road. For example, there's a plethora of trucker podcasts - take your pick! Maybe you like to be the one giving your take on things - try starting a social media account where you track your journey - other truckers will be happy to engage with your content.

Living The Dream

Don't let one failed test keep you down! Although there is such a thing as a naturally born trucker - it's a skill that can be learned and perfected with practice. Check out CDL Study Buddy, Trucking Truth, or DMV.org for free practice tests, modules, and helpful tips to get you that pass!

Highway Trucker Drama

Usually, truckers and Taylor Swift don't mix - but when you find a golden opportunity like this one, you can't help but add it to the long list of the best trucker memes! Finding joy in the little things helps keep us optimistic on the road!

When Dispatch Doesn’t Get It

"Oh, sure, just gonna swim through this real quick." We can laugh out loud at this truck driver meme, but let's be real - communication with dispatch is key! Dispatchers and truckers work side by side - we need each other. Keep them well aware of conditions and realistic ETAs at all times. Our Transportation Management System helps truckers and dispatch stay in the know with ease - one-click billing, simple paperwork send-offs, and more. Be extra prepared for these unexpected delays with blankets, healthy-snacks, and water in your cab.

Who Got Time for That?

Although funny, we're all for safety and preparation. Not all funny trucker memes need to be taken seriously! A few minutes to ensure everythings in tip top shape can save a whole lot of hassle down the line. Who wants to deal with fines or breakdowns when you can be cruising stress-free? Not these truckers. Download our free CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist and stay on top of your game!

The Next-Gen Semi Sneak Peek

We're living this trucker meme right now! With Tesla introducing its new electric rigs (granted they're not using Duracell), we're in for some serious changes in the trucking industry down the line. One thing we know for sure - you can't replace a trucker with a machine, we bring too much to the table that requires that human touch!

Started From the Bottom...

Truckers got grit - there's no better way to say it. Getting into the cab of a semi or 18 wheeler takes a certain type of strength - both physical and mental in the life of a trucker. We're talking long hours, being mindful of safety at all hours of the day or night, managing loads, and for some owner-operators, managing a business. The trucking business isn't like wall street - no one can get your foot in the door but you. That's what this trucker meme is all about and we're here for it.

Face Adversity Like a Boss

It's trucker life memes like this that really highlight the sacrifices made by the trucking community. Owner-operators are actively running a business from the road - from logistics to everyday finances, these truckers are the CEO, COO, and the first line of duty in their business. The epitome of rolling up your sleeves and hitting the road whenever duty calls. While hustling, these truckers use all the resources available at their disposal - from working with the best freight factoring companies and selecting the best fuel cards for truckers, owner operators are one with the road.

Eyes Off My Peter, Please!

Oh, the Peterbilt! These well constructed, well-insulated, and ergonomic beauties are a sight for sore eyes. Other than the aesthetics, what's so special about the Peterbilt? Peterbilt trucks are known to be reliable, efficient, and offer driver comfort like no other. They also have a strong resale value because of their longevity, which is ideal for owner-operators. Dive into the world of the different types of trucks and in the meantime - eyes off my Peter!

Master of Merging Mercy

Of all the truck driver memes, these tug at our heartstrings the most. It seems that truckers have a 'safety' awareness on the road more than your average driver. Possibly because we tend to spend the most time on the road and well, we see more danger on our day-to-day. Being a solid trucker is more than just taking the big rig by the horns and arriving on time to deliveries. We've developed a level of patience and courtesy to help us stay safe and keep others safe as we drive. Every trucker knows that a car should merge in front of a truck at least six car spaces ahead - but not all 4 wheelers have this awareness. So, when we know the lane is about to end, we'll slow down because it's smart - not just courteous. Hello, karma points!

A Mythical Space Odyssey

When searching for truck driver memes, you'll no doubt run into some parking sarcasm. It's no secret that the large size of our semis make it more difficult to find a place to rest. Luckily, there are apps and resources that can help truckers find a rest stop. Stop circling and try apps like ParkMyRig.

Destination Unknown: Trucker Edition

How many times has your GPS let you down in rural or remote areas? It's a common trucker woe and truck memes like this one are on point! Sometimes we can take it lightly and consider that every wrong turn is an adventure - other times, no adventure is worth the 'wasted' fuel and time lost on our route! Check out our guide on the best trucking GPS for options to keep in the right lane.

A Trucker's Guide to Happiness

Hey, there's a reason why truckers become truckers and this trucker meme says it all. Forget the 9-5 desk job, school isn't for everyone, and the bills will still be there when you get home! Investing in your truck makes your journey on the road more stress-free because you can trust your truck. Just make sure that you're not leaving a storm of responsibilities at home that will actually make the long-haul even more stressful on your way back! Here's a list of essential truck driver accessories to check out - just keep it practical. Buy the items you need slowly, doesn't have to be in one go!

Can't Drive It Away

This is the category we call 'super trucker memes' because it highlights our allure. Being a trucker may be difficult and stressful at times, but being sexy just comes natural to us! Along with the trucker swag, a sense of humor shortens the long days and attracts that much needed positivity on the road.

E-Log Countdown: Speed Demon Mode Activated

The age old race against the e-log. Remember, the e-log is your friend! Safety and compliance are paramount to making it on time to deliver a pristine timestamp. Efficient time management isn't always something that comes naturally, but something we can pick up and learn. Staying within regulations will help you reduce stress and lower the risk of accidents on the road. Having said that, of all our flatbed trucker memes, this one is our favorite so far!

A Trucker’s Vindication

The best funny trucker memes are the ones that highlight the beauty of long-haul trucking! No one can deny that truckers are exposed to some of the most beautiful scenery our great nation has to offer. From the beautiful rocky mountains to the seemingly never-ending plains, truckers are there for it all.

Once a Trucker, Always a Trucker

You can take a trucker out of the truck, but never the truck out of a trucker's heart. One of our favorite flatbed trucker memes because it shows us how retirement is just the beginning of a new exciting journey. Many retired flatbed truckers enjoy sharing their stories, mentoring new drivers, and even building a model truck collection in their spare time.

My Truck Is My Baby

That's right. Love your truck, and it will love you back. Just like with any of our relationships, the one we have with our truck requires attention and maintenance. Truck driver memes like this really highlight the love we have for our big rigs - so don't forget those regular check-ups and cleanings!

Never a Good Time

Is it ever a good time? Hilarious trucker memes around log books just keep coming. We know the nuisance of dealing with log books - but the more diligent you are, the less you'll be bothered by truly inconvenient requests like this one. Do your best to develop a stringent routine with your books to save time and headaches down the road.

Questioning the Semi

The ultimate dad joke of semi-truck memes. We're sure you know why it's called a semi - but for those who don't know, it refers to the semi-trailer that doesn't have front wheels and relies on the truck for support.

Trucks Need Naps Too

There is such a thing as not-so-funny truck memes and this is the perfect example. In this case, the trailers were actually blown to their side by strong winds. We hope never to see another 'sleeping' truck again.

Engine Cooking

Yes, please. A truck like this deserves first place at the best semi-truck shows. Now, we don't necessarily advise you to turn your truck into a roadside diner, the thought of it can be intriguing. In the meantime, we suggest you stick to a portable stove for daily meals.

Rewriting History

A good pick from funny semi truck memes and we can sure 'chuckle' at the thought of 'correcting' a past log book. What we can't do is pretend that integrity in our records isn't necessary. It's about more than just compliance, building a stellar trucking career means being honest, hard-working, and staying on top of safety 100% of the time.

The Unwritten Rule

Another trucker meme reminding us about the small things that bring us joy during a haul. It's always a good idea to stay upbeat and instill excitement into potential future truckers - enjoy those moments of connectedness and stay safe.

Prepare for the Honk!

We were pretty excited to find truck memes about the song of our people! But, let's address the frustration of four wheelers merging a little too slow onto the interstate. Patience my friends, without it our time on the road could be full of negativity. A little horn here and there can help move those four wheelers along, but you don't want to alarm them if they already seem to be pretty cautious (and slow) drivers!

Another Trucker’s Myth

This trucker meme may get a few laughs, but it's a stark reminder of the work-life balance us truckers need to create for ourselves. Odd hours, long stretches, and solo nights can take a toll on our physical and mental health. Daily reminders to ground yourself like talking to friends/family, indulging in hobbies, or listening to your favorite podcast can be exactly what you need to recharge.

From Childhood to Truckhood

Quirky truck driver memes like these bring back some of the best memories. Let's not forget our sleeper cab is a little taste of home, so personalize it and make it your own. Never forget the comfort you need after a long day's haul and invest in a truck mattress that gives you the comfy zzz's you crave.

The Heavy Lifters

With great power comes great responsibility! Flatbed trucker memes that ooze with superiority are a guilty pleasure. How can they not be when your rig can tow tens of thousands more than the 'cute' competition!

Keeping the Shelves Stocked

There is one good thing that came out of 2020 - a light was cast on the importance of trucking to the economy and this trucker meme says it all. We provide a much needed service, through cold fronts, rainy days, and even storms that send the birds flying south. Bad weather never stops us - not even a pandemic can keep truckers within the confinement of their homes. That said, keep safety gear close and stay connected with dispatch throughout those tough journeys.

Passing with Flying Colors

Gotta love those successful DOT inspections - but once you're an experienced pro, it doesn't come as a surprise anymore. A seasoned trucker knows to check off all the boxes before heading out on the road and it slowly becomes second nature. Stay on top of maintenance, know your rig inside out and you'll pass every DOT inspection without a hitch!

Breaking the Ice, Literally

A scary truck driver meme if we ever saw one! This one brings not so friendly flashbacks to even the best of drivers. Keep it real, safety first! Keep your rig ready for winter conditions and never underestimate the power of slow and steady.

The Trucker’s Nerve of Steel

Oof! Now that trucker either got super lucky - or they really know their rig! Seems to us that this is just another Tuesday for this driver. Years and miles create a level of experience that can't be bought. Stay alert, keep learning, and share those near-miss stories as cautionary tales instead of cool-anecdotes.

Tears of Wealth

Just a trucker? Is there such a thing? Trucking may be a tough gig, but it's one of the most rewarding. Granted, that reward may not be in stacked cash, but something a lot more valuable. We love this trucker meme because we know that respect isn't measured in titles, it's in hard work, integrity, and dedication. Success should always be your response to criticism - here's a deep dive into how much truck drivers make - just remember, it's about so much more than salary.

The Jake Brake Lullaby

The heart of trucking culture is in trucker memes like these. That sweet, sweet Jake Brake hum - use it wisely and respectfully - especially in residential areas!

Road Warriors on a Mission

This funny trucker meme may get some of us riled up! Delays in loading/unloading cargo, routing/scheduling issues, communication gaps between shippers/logistic coordinators, and the list goes on. These are enough to ruin a truckers day - and their log book! The best way to battle this is with patience and education. Participate in freight broker training programs that help truckers use new tech and understand regulatory changes. You got this.

Truckers = Heroes

Here, on the expanse of the open road it's not just about transporting goods from one place to another; it's about ensuring the heartbeat of our community keeps pulsing. We truck drivers are the ones ensuring shelves are filled with groceries, pharmacies are stocked with medicine, and wardrobes up to date with the trends. Every little comfort and essential of life - we've got it handled; making sure businesses run smoothly and hospitals receive supplies to save lives.

However it's not always a ride on paved roads with picturesque views. We spend hours away from our families navigating through storms, traffic congestion and endless stretches of asphalt while adhering to schedules. It requires more than knowing how to maneuver a rig; it demands endurance, commitment and a significant amount of accountability.

So the next time you're out and about and spot one of us behind the wheel, remember the dedication and hard work that goes into every mile we drive. Here's, to the souls guiding those trucks—keeping the world moving forward with each delivery made.

How Cota Helps Truckers Both On and Off the Road

Our vision to empower the world's truck fleet starts with enhancing the connection between drivers and dispatchers and continues into streamlining logistics, enhancing revenue across the board, and reducing costs for both shippers and carriers. We've made our cutting-edge logistics technology free and accessible to all as we accelerate the adoption of technology among small trucking companies.

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Increased Earnings

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Cost Reduction

Cota Systems offers features designed to handle communication, status updates, BOL (bill of lading) uploads, and simplifies day to day tasks of trucking companies. We're helping to reduce both empty miles and administrative costs which are the two most significant expenses for smaller trucking companies. Dropping empty miles by 20% and administration by 40% means higher revenue and more resources allocated to growth and development.

Improved Dispatcher Efficiency

We integrate dispatch software with load optimization to simplify dispatch operations. CarrierPro™ with LoadBoost™ makes it easier to manage paperwork (goodbye written log books) and to schedule effectively - leading to reduced time wasted and increased profitability.

More Helpful Trucker Resources

Aside from supercharging your logistics business, we're committed to providing resources that are valuable to truckers, dispatchers, and shippers. Check out some of our most read resources below:

Truckers Keep on Truckin'

To wrap up, big rig jokes and funny trucker memes help us keep our spirits high. We hope they've given you a chuckle or two as well. Feel free to share your favorite with your comrades! These memes really underscore our unique yet shared experiences of life on the road and we hope they resonated with you as much as they did with us. Keep on truckin!

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