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You never have to worry about re-rates or hidden fees with our online freight quotes. We provide transparent and upfront pricing, so you can accurately budget and plan for your shipments without any surprise costs.

That's our way of providing world-class service to our clients - we take the loss if the shipping quotes don't end up meeting our expectations.

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Truck Dispatcher
Safe Arrival
Rest assured that your cargo will arrive at its destination on time and in excellent condition.

We consider timing as an important factor to consider when providing freight shipping quotes. That's why we use advanced tracking and monitoring technology as well as expert carrier selection which help prevent damages and delays.
Direct Delivery
Reduce costs with direct shipments, consolidating loads, and negotiating competitive rates with independent carriers.

This means you can keep more of your profits and reinvest in growing your business. Our expertise in providing different freight options to our shippers allows us to stand behind our freight quotes with confidence.

Unlimited Free Freight Quotes with FreightPro™

There's no limit to the amount of freight rates you can get with FREIGHTPRO™. Get pricing on multiple quantities or lanes and choose the option that works best for you.

1. Cut Costs & Save Time

Direct F.A.K. Shipments

We optimize shipments from point A to B for faster trips with fewer stops.

FreightPro™ provides shippers leading competitive freight rates, personalized support, and reliable shipping they can trust.

2. No More Inefficient Hub & Spoke Shipping

Free Freight Quoting for Direct Shipments

FreightPro™ skips the slow and inefficient hub and spoke model with direct F.A.K. transport.

Our trusted carriers make stops along one route, avoiding distribution centers, keeping your freight quotes low, and your trips fast.

3. Ship with a Team You Trust

Our Team Has 50+ Years Logistics Experience

We only work with highly qualified, experienced carriers.

This has given us a strong reputation with shippers as timely, efficient, and easy to work with. Find the sweet spot between fast freight quotes and impeccable service with FreightPro™.

Why should my shipping company use FreightPro?

Say goodbye to guesswork and ship smarter with us!

Box Truck Shipping
Why pay for a whole truck when you only need a fraction of it? We connect shippers with other partial loads, seamlessly filling trailers to maximize each dollar spent per mile.

Popular with e-commerce businesses and small storefronts, partial shipping can put your freight on a truck that's already headed in the same direction. Take advantage of our carrier network to save on freight rates without compromising on service.
Less Than Truckload Shipping
Tired of unpredictable LTL shippers? Revolutionize your LTL shipping using only the most economical options.

We specialize in cost-effective solutions for smaller shipments, minimizing per-unit costs and eliminating the frustrating days spent sitting at LTL hubs. Ideal for cargo larger than parcels but not truck-sized, we'll streamline your logistics while saving you money. When you get a freight quote from us, we make every dollar count.
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"Highly Recommended"
Working with Cota has been great. On time service and great rates. I would highly recommend them!
Amerisan Logo Cota Systems Client

Kyle Cahill

VP Logistics, Amerisan

"Great to Work With"
Cota was great to work with from the beginning to end. They were sure to follow up every step of the way. I would recommend them without question.
Metalfab Logo Cota Systems Client

Michele Striso

Logistics Manager, Metalfab

"Reliable, Top Go-To Freight"
Cota has been amazing. When it comes to updates on when the driver is picking up and delivering they are on it. They're my top go-to freight company because they're reliable.
Yipin Logo Cota Systems Client

Diana Villalpando

Owner, Yipin

"Fast Pay!"
Great people to work with and they pay Fast!
Executive Logistics Logo Cota Systems Client

Sean Alston

Owner, Executive Logistics LLC.

"Quick Turnaround Time"
Cota is always ready to supply a quote and has a quick turnaround time.
Vulcan Wire Logo Cota Systems Client

Nicole Clark

Logistics Manager, Vulcan Wire

"Very Prompt and Competitive Rates"
Cota Freight has been a great addition to partner with for our dispatch needs. Very prompt and courteous service who provide competitive rates! Thank you! :)
Fargo Glass & Paint Co. Logo Cota Systems Client

Aubrey Bennefeld

Manager, Fargo Glass & Paint Co.

"I Love Working With You Guys"
I love working with you guys you are great. All the shipments you do for us go smooth and the billing is correct! Good Job!
Primepak Logo Cota Systems Client

Judith Harrigan

Freight Manager, Primepak

"Driver Was Amazing"
We got the delivery and this particular driver was amazing! Been in this location 12 years with deliveries weekly and I will say this gentleman was the best delivery driver of any company seriously. I hope he gets the promotion he deserves. Thank you again!
Forever Young Spas Logo Cota Systems Client

Hagay Rotchild

Owner, Forevery Young Spas

"Quick With Assistance & Pay"
I ran a load for this company and they were quick with responses, assistance, and paid as promised.
DT2 Transport LLC Logo Cota Systems Client


DT2 Transport LLC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get a Freight Quote with Cota Systems?

To get shipping quotes online through Cota Systems, simply fill out the origin, destination, location, and as many shipment details as possible. The more details you can provide, the better we can calculate your rate and inform the carrier of any special instructions.

How Many Pallets Is Considered LTL?

Technically, any load that doesn't require the use of the entire trailer is considered Less Than Truckload (LTL). Typically, LTL loads are 1 to 6 pallets while partial loads take up around half of the truck.

LTL routes can carry numerous shippers' freight while partial routes normally hold 2-3 shipments. If your load will fill most of the truck, it's probably more cost-effective to hire a dedicated truck, but you can compare shipping freight quotes to be certain.

How Do You Calculate Freight Shipping Costs?

A few key determinants of freight shipping rates are:
- Distance: Drivers get paid by the mile, though inner-city loads are priced higher.
- Weight/Size: For partial and dedicated loads, heavier shipments cost more. For LTL, the smaller and heavier the item, the better.
- Current Fuel Prices: Higher fuel expenses are passed along and can impact the price of your load.
- Seasonal Demand: When the demand for capacity is high, prices rise.
- Freight Class: How easy or hard your shipment is to handle may impact the

How Is Freight Class Determined?

Freight class is determined using the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA)'s guidelines. This takes into account the load's density, value, ease of handling, and stowability.

Your freight shipping quote will be priced using freight class if you ship LTL. A general rule of thumb is that the smaller and denser the item is, the lower the rate.

Can I Get a Quote for Multiple Shipments or Regular Shipping Needs?

Of course! Contact Cota Systems to get quotes for your frequently recurring loads. Along with your freight quote online, we can provide insights on how to optimize your load planning for the best rates and timing.

Still have questions?

Contact our team and we'll help you out.